Pieces With Audio and Music

by Subprimal Editors

Issue 10 – The Final Sermon ​of ​the Hanged Priest
Cain by Cecil Bødker
Havoc by Adrian S. Potter
Wings by Nels Hanson
The Shadow of the Cross by Constantia Geronta
Issue 6 – Open To Sky
Island by Toti O'Brien
Seven Deadly Sins by Lois Marie Harrod
Disappearing River by George Moore
Midsummer XX by Glen Armstrong
Looking Up From The News by Maggie Kennedy
Mission by Ralph Monday
House of Straw by Roberta Feins
Ponokáómitaa by Allen E. Rizzi
Día de Los Muertos by Denmark Laine
The Resort on Kah-Nee-Ta Indian Reservation by Yvonne Higgins Leach
Snow In The Lost by Martin Willitts Jr.
My Name Was Once An Argument by Sharon Alexander
These Are The People by George Bandy
Issue 3 – Doorways and Revelations
The Storm (A Naive Story) by William V. Ray
Going To War by Patrick Hansel
One Night by Matt Morris
Otherwise by Allison Grayhurst
Giving Birth by Patrick Hansel
I Have Known Men by Patrick Hansel
The Cactus Still Grows by John C. Mannone
Book of Revelation Coming to Your Backyard by Scott T. Starbuck
Day Breaks Open by Louisa Tomlinson
Settled by David Fraser
Am I Smith or Jones? by Michael Faia
Subterranean Poetics by John C. Mannone
What Does the F Stand For? by Sarah Rohrs
The Genesis of Language by Marilyne Bertoncini
I Am The Only Needle by Tendai Mwanaka
Pieces with accompanying audio / video

This page shows which pieces throughout our various issues have accompanying audio. For each of these pieces, we’ve created a custom musical composition to complement the author's recording.

Pieces marked with have an accompanying video.