Denmark Laine

Denmark Laine was born in St. Louis. A freelance writer, “punk poet” and rock critic for Eleven Magazine, he is the author of Smalltown Kings (a collection of short fiction) and Who Are the Veiled Prophets? (a book of poetry). An alum of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a BA in theatre performance, he became interested in the “psychedelic realism” school of writing after studying experimental drama and reading the works of Jonathan Cott, Frank O’Hara, Jim Morrison and the Angel Hair Anthology. With his visceral force of motion and hallucinogenic imagery, Laine illustrates the emotional pageant between our inner and outer worlds. A place where, as André Breton once said, “the real and the imagined cease to contradict.”



Día de Los Muertos

Día de Los Muertos by Denmark Laine