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Welcome. Subprimal Poetry Art looks toward poetry, flash fiction, music, and art work that takes the reader / viewer / listener out of the ordinary and into a place altered from that which they normally experience. In an enjoyable, thought-provoking way. Many of our written pieces are set to a custom musical composition to complement the author's recording. We pay our contributors.

YouTube Channel is Live!

by Victor D. Sandiego ● Created: Aug 17, 2016

We recently launched our YouTube channel, where we'll be hosting some of our works as video presentations. Our first video is Island by Toti O'Brien. This piece appears in issue 6. Going forward we hope to produce at least a couple of videos per issue.

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The Spring 2016 issue of Subprimal Poetry Art, guest edited by John C. Mannone, is now available. Following are some excerpts from this issue. See the whole issue here.

Seven Deadly Sins

by Lois Marie Harrod

After Hieronymus Bosch

The faces, the mouths
open, the hungry child eats
cookies made from clay,
eats dust as the pregnant woman
swallows what she craves,
and those kidnappers of sorts,
the Baptists from Idaho, who know
what they are doing,
evidently not enough to convict.
Wouldn’t you promise a child
a swimming pool if you could?
Wouldn’t you promise elsewhere
like I wanted to take my mother?
She died so small, a tremor,
a sparrow curled on her sheet.
And what about the dogs
my sister says, how many dogs
are wandering around Port au Prince,
how many dogs wandering New Orleans,
Fukushima, Baghdad, Bangladesh.
When will the dogs from Somalia,
from Syria, find bones to gnaw.
No one has mentioned the dogs.

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