Issue 2 – Origins and Destinations

Subprimal Poetry Art - Issue 2 - May 2014

Welcome to the Spring 2014 issue of Subprimal Poetry Art. In this issue, we're pleased to have works from Judah Mhlaba, Amanda Preston, Samantha Claire Updegrave, Barry Basden, David Thornbrugh, Lee Nash and others. We also have art work from Cynthia Low, Steven Hill and Judah Mhlaba.

Once again, it's been a lot of fun putting the issue together. Many thanks to all contributors as well as everybody who submitted.

Many of the pieces have an audio recording with musical accompaniment that you can listen to while you read the text. Enjoy, and please share your thoughts in the comments sections.

Cover art by Maria Serrano-Lopez


Words & Music

A Traveling Soul by Judah Mhlaba

Brown by Barry Basden

Through Adolescence, Run by Amanda Preston

Crucifix by Lee Nash

PTSD by Barry Basden

Pennsylvania Anthracite by Samantha Claire Updegrave

Salvo by John C. Mannone

A Mirage by Amanda Preston

In a Guanajuato Hostel by Jari Thymian

Snake River 1986 by Heidi Parton

Home: The Universe by Emily Strauss

In Steinbeck’s Novels by Matt Morris


Voltaire Would Love Las Vegas by David Thornbrugh

The Dry by Merlene Fawdry


The Dreaming Tree by Cynthia Low

Two Pieces From My Life by Judah Mhlaba

Cliff At Land's End by Steven Hill


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