by Barry Basden

The woman stands in the doorway, looking through mist toward the lake and tall firs on the opposite shore. Behind her, a man wheels himself to the fireplace, takes an iron poker and strikes at the fire, as if beating back war rising from the flames. Curses and rage have followed them even to the end of this road, far from Walter Reed's numbing group sessions. The man grunts, continues to pound. The dog cowers in the kitchen. Outside, the light is jaundiced. A loon calls from somewhere across the water, inviting her to swim.

Audio reading by Victor D. Sandiego

Musical composition by Victor David Sandiego

Barry Basden lives in the Texas hill country with his wife and two yellow Labs. He edits Camroc Press Review and is coauthor of CRACK! AND THUMP: WITH A COMBAT INFANTRY OFFICER IN WORLD WAR II. He is working on a collection of compressed pieces related to war.


By Cynthia Low on May 17, 2014 15:26 (UTC)


By Georgia Tree on Jul 21, 2014 19:59 (UTC)

Barry that is awesome. Simple and profound. Love the read and the music.Kudos to author and producer.

By Marjorie Rommel on Sep 15, 2014 20:07 (UTC)

Ominous. Powerful.

By Rhonda C. Poynter on Nov 05, 2015 21:03 (UTC)

Very intense...l felt as though l had to listen to every single breath and word, or risk missing out on a hidden message - and l believe l heard it, too.