Issue 3 – Doorways and Revelations

Subprimal Poetry Art - Issue 3 - November 2014

At last, welcome to the Winter 2014 issue of Subprimal Poetry Art. In this issue, we're pleased to have a lovely variety of works from around the world. including: William V. Ray with a beautiful flash fiction, poems from Patrick Hansel, Scott Starbuck, David Fraser, Allison Grayhurst, Matt Morris, John C. Mannone, a dialog piece from Michael Faia, plus others. Also art work from Clarice Keegan, Alex Nodopaka, Marilyne Bertoncini, and Ellen Wade Beals.

As before, it's been a lot of fun reading works from around the world and putting the issue together. Many thanks to all contributors and all those who have taken the time to submit. We appreciate your support.

Many of the pieces have an audio recording with musical accompaniment that you can listen to while you read the text. Enjoy, and please share your thoughts in the comments sections.

Cover art by Clarice Keegan


Words & Music

The Storm (A Naive Story) by William V. Ray

Going To War by Patrick Hansel

One Night by Matt Morris

Otherwise by Allison Grayhurst

Giving Birth by Patrick Hansel

I Have Known Men by Patrick Hansel

The Cactus Still Grows by John C. Mannone

Book of Revelation Coming to Your Backyard by Scott T. Starbuck

Day Breaks Open by Louisa Tomlinson

Settled by David Fraser

Am I Smith or Jones? by Michael Faia

Subterranean Poetics by John C. Mannone

What Does the F Stand For? by Sarah Rohrs

The Genesis of Language by Marilyne Bertoncini

I Am The Only Needle by Tendai Mwanaka


The Fire Drill by Cameron Sidhe

The Mysteries by Laura Lee Washburn


Shamanic Triumvirate by Alex Nodopaka

Memories of the Long-Lost Home by Marilyne Bertoncini

Outside by Ellen Wade Beals

Corners of My Mind by Clarice Keegan


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