Corners of My Mind

by Clarice Keegan

In the Jester’s Closet

From the artist:

I like to laugh. I have to laugh and try a space to weave together the accumulation of too many odds and ends in my life.

Heliotropic Encounter

From the artist:

When I look out a window, beyond what I know, I see the hopes and threats that swirl around me, maybe a gift, maybe a trial, always color.

Circus Gearshift

From the artist:

There is a base symmetry to everything, in this case triangular machinery that supports the circus interactions of any day.

In Clarice Keegan's world, chaos meets color. She lives on the edge between ocean and space in southwest Washington. She paints the lines that string the universe connected. A vision of lines descends to paper through the hollow point of a Rapidograph pen and blooms in opaque water colors, inks, and liquid acrylics. From the moment she saw the lines in the first coloring book, they have never left her. Black rules. Color tames.


So alive, vivid, intense with form, colors and shapes. Movement, message, Art.
Sarah Rohrs, Jan 05, 2015