Day Breaks Open

by Louisa Tomlinson

You know why I like the dawn?
Because it’s a slow show
of the real show
in that crossing
from one light
to another
like when you fly up
through clouds
over clouds
and the sun
all this time
and the light
and here we are
striking matches
learning electrics
fumbling for candles
in forgotten drawers.

This piece first appeared in India Writes

Musical composition by Victor David Sandiego

Louisa Tomlinson has had many poems published over the last few years, and been placed in various competitions, including 1st and 2nd Prize for a single poem and a collection in the New Writer International Poetry Competition, and Runner-Up in the Kent and Sussex Poetry Competition. She also edits, teaches, writes songs and articles, is working on an elusive novel, and is Blog Editor for the Jaipur Literature Festival.


Powerful commentary on light, being awake, movement. Love the images that seem to speak of awareness, opening up.
Sarah Rohrs, Jan 05, 2015