Memories of the Long-Lost Home

by Marilyne Bertoncini

From the artist:

This photo is part of a series intended for a video-poem on the theme of memory – I'm deply touched by old decayed urban places, and feel words and photos can conjure up something of their former lives and inhabitants, something as light as fantoms slightly passing by, between shade and reflections.

Marilyne Bertoncini – writer, translator, litterary critic,and editor of the online review "Recours au Poème" – has published numerous articles and critics on litterature, and translated the work of poets from all over the world. Her own poetry and photos have appeared in journals and online magazines such as Europe, The Wolf, Cordite, La Traductière, Capital des Mots, Ce qui reste, Phoenix... and can be seen on her blog –

Her translation of Tony's Blues, poems by Barry Wallenstein, Martin Harrison's The Rainbow Snake, The Book of Seven Lives and Histoire de Famille, by Ming Di, have recently been published by Recours au Poème éditeurs and éditions Transignum for the last title. Her first personnal collection, Labyrinthe des Nuits was published in March 2015.


Photographer after my own heart! (Love taking photos of abandoned structures, as well). This photo is amazing, a multi-layered look at decay, nature with the added abstract of a frame, as well. Very nice! Love it.
Sarah Rohrs, Jan 05, 2015