Issue 4 – The Dark Side of Devotion

Subprimal Poetry Art - Issue 4 - May 2015

Welcome to the Spring 2015 issue of Subprimal Poetry Art. Once again, we're pleased to have a variety of works from around the world. For this issue we have short poems and Tanka from Ram Krishna Singh, poems from Seth Jani, James Penha, Ralph Monday, and Michael Faia; bizarre flash fiction from Mitchell Grabois; a haunting personal memoir from E. J. Evans; plus several others. Also art work from Alex Nodopaka, Suzanna Anderson, and Sharon Goodhand . This is not an exhaustive list; cruise through the contents for more, and enjoy!

It's always a lot of fun reading works from around the world and putting the issue together. Many thanks to all contributors and all those who have taken the time to submit. We appreciate your support.

Many of the pieces have an audio recording with musical accompaniment that you can listen to while you read the text. Enjoy, and please share your thoughts in the comments sections.



From The Editor by Victor D. Sandiego

Words & Music

A Family Outing by E. J. Evans

Shooter by Seth Jani

Creed by James Penha

Without Faith by Seth Jani

In The Rotary Silence of Seasons by Seth Jani

July 25th, 2014 by Nels Hanson

My Once-Wife Gazes by Shoshauna Shy

In Praise of Spoken Differences by Ralph Monday

Promise and Proscription by Michael Faia

Daddy Dearest by Kevin Heaton

Overthrow of Malaysia by Peter Kent


Conversation, Skeptic, Salivation by Jacob Griffin Hall

I Am No Jesus by Ram Krishna Singh

Waiting by Ram Krishna Singh

Four Tanka by Ram Krishna Singh

Winter Wheat by Gianni Skaragas

Waiting for Oceans to Mourn After the Rain by Catori Sarmiento

Congenital Defects by Mitchell Grabois


The Robot by Suzanna Anderson

Tree of Life by Alex Nodopaka

Doorway to Tomorrow by Sharon Goodhand

Gaian Guise by Joseph Pravda


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