by Seth Jani

There is a brilliant density of stars
Drifting and appearing
Over the world’s limited
Gathering of trees.
There is the whale
Mythic and full
Of solemn music
Breaking the overture
Of waves.
There is the heart,
A giant, secret organ
Bursting in the small,
Shaking body.
And in the darkness,
In the troubled streets
Of Chicago,
In the far-off fringes
Of some lone delinquent mind,
There is the formula
Of ultimate undoing,
The seed which carries
In its center
The terrible tree
Of our demise.

Musical composition by Victor D. Sandiego

Seth Jani originates from rural Maine but currently resides in Seattle, WA. He is the founder of Seven CirclePress and his own work has been published widely in such journals as The Foundling Review, East Coast Literary Review, Red Ceilings Press and Hobo Camp Review. More about him and his work can be found on his web site.

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