Issue 7 – This Expanded Body

Subprimal Poetry Art - Issue 7 - November 2016

Cover art by Kate Viola
Issue title by Ellen Denton
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From The Editor by Victor D. Sandiego

Words & Music

The Coming Night by Paul Freidinger

The Concertina by Tamara Miles

Autism by Trenton Mabey

Sanctuary by Adrian S. Potter

From: The Rescued Diaries Of Brother John The Vagabond by Roger Aplon

Fight by Vincent Francone

Among the Tunnels by Joel Peckman

Halcyon Days by Philip Elliott


Our Dark Angel, Endlessly Falling by Karen Berry

Price of Freedom by Ellen Denton

Dear Suki: Number Seven by Lana Bella

Apnea by Elaine Mintzer

Writing is a Discovering, a Becoming by Sheila Bender


Three Shadows by Kate Viola

Dreamscape by Licita Fernandez

Violeta by Janet Ruhe-Schoen


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