by Trenton Mabey

The look in your eyes of carefree
naiveté, of life lived on the cliff
face of an angel staring through
my plans, speechless to my
ramblings. The prospect of
normalcy, the expected
development of a child,
a father’s hopes cycloned with
one word. But
staring at your newborn
look of innocence
how could I know
I was wrong.

Music / video composition by Victor David Sandiego

Trenton Mabey is an author, poet, and photographer living in Arizona. His work has been recently published by Mocha Memoir Press, Cw Publishing and in the Star82 Review. His writing is influenced by mythology, Asian philosophy, nature, and a small dose of reality.


As a parent of four children and grandparent of four children, I have experienced the vacume not knowing I was wrong. Brilliant poem
Cynthia Low, Oct 26, 2016