Issue 10 – The Final Sermon ​of ​the Hanged Priest

Subprimal Poetry Art - Issue 10 - November 2017

Cover art by Alexander Chubar
Issue title by Julio Cesar Villegas
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From The Editor by Victor D. Sandiego

Words & Music

Cain by Cecil Bødker

Havoc by Adrian S. Potter

Wings by Nels Hanson

The Shadow of the Cross by Constantia Geronta


Cozcatlán by Julio Cesar Villegas

The Ancient City's Face by Natalka Bilotserkivets

Recitation of the Immediate Future by Brittany Ackerman

Doubt by Patrick Cahill

Down’s Syndrome by Tony Gloeggler

Wolf + Cub at the End of the World by Quin Nelson

Like Exploded Speech Balloons by William Doreski

Revision, Like Launching a Marble Boat by Eileen Cunniffe


Crucifixion by Alexander Chubar


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