The Shadow of the Cross

by Constantia Geronta

Reborn from scratch
I will take a leap and find myself on the horizon of a grey gun-powered city
And between the funnels I will find your crack, immortal sun
And I will flow in the rainy mud of the mist
There I will ask you again
“Was it you or was it a reflection on the lake that I was looking at
And instead of a tulip you were a cross I am bearing for years
Not knowing why I was chosen by fate
To be writing verses under his shadow?”

Musical composition by Victor David Sandiego

Constantia Geronta was born in Ptolemaida, Greece. She studied Philosophy in Athens and Contemporary Literature in Paris. She has published three books of poetry in Athens (Every word, a sob, Here dies the spring and it's being reborn, Hemlock and wild rose) with Anemos Editions. She is a Doctor of French Literature.


Beautiful. Love it :)
Veronica, Dec 22, 2017