by Alexander Chubar

Regarding his work, the artist says:

I want my works to convey order and unity, where different components are correlated and submitted to the wholeness of the composition. In this painting, the figure of Christ is merged with the cross, thus creating a unified symbol of sacrifice. This artwork is based on the inner structure and the cohesion of its elements that function as a whole. I hope my art provides not only an eye-pleasing environment but also gives intellectual pleasure.

Alexander Chubar holds a BFA from Hunter College and a MFA from the Pratt Institute. His work has previously been published in the William & Mary Review, Blue Lyra Review, Pomona Valley Review, The Tishman Review, and several other publications.


It is quite an accomplishment to contribute something new to our understanding of a timeless and universal theme.
Andrew, Dec 12, 2017