Our First Disgruntled Customer?

by Victor David Sandiego | Created: Oct 11, 2014

Yesterday, I received a message from a poet who called Subprimal Poetry Art/Music myopic. Struck me as sort of odd. He had sent some work our way a while back and we didn’t accept it. Apparently, this upset him because somehow we failed to appreciate his work and were not swayed by his bio.

Seems to me that this sort of complaining is unprofessional and serves no useful purpose. Well, it does makes me realize that the person may have been hard to work with if we had accepted something – and I guess that’s helpful to know.

Moreover, this particular poet’s work had indeed struck a sweet chord with us; however, it didn’t quite fit with the overall mosaic that we assembled from the other entries. It’s possible another submission at another time might have worked, but in a fit of pique he closed the door.

The Turn Down Blues

Nobody enjoys getting turned down; I understand this well, but it is part of the process. Most pros know this, but some don’t or maybe they just have a bad day once in a while and do something out of character. At any rate, if you are a younger writer without a lot of experience submitting their work, remember to stay cool, keep it real and keep it professional.

And don’t forget that editors are human, too. We too have lost cats, broken hot water heaters, computer frustrations and mosquito bites. We try to do a good job but it’s possible that we’ve passed on some jewels. On the other hand, it’s quite possible that our aesthetic and a writer’s aesthetic sometimes just don’t mix that well. It’s not bad, just different. And that’s the world for you, but keep it coming. And meanwhile: thanks to everyone who has submitted and supported Subprimal Poetry Art/Music. Abrazos to all.


By Rosemaureen on Oct 29, 2014 06:25 (UTC)

Art is subjective.
I was turned down by you all and assumed that what I submitted what not right for this issue at that time .
I have enough of a built in belief system to know I did my best and allowed myself to be pleased with my work, I was proud of myself for making the effort and hold no ill will toward Subprimal publications.
Rejection should be a building block to work harder.

By Victor D. Sandiego on Oct 29, 2014 06:59 (UTC)

Rosemaureen, appreciate your attitude and you are correct. As I've said in other blog posts, ours is a subjective viewpoint and when we decline something, it has no bearing on on whether or not the work would be a good fit for another publication. Sometimes, we're looking for pieces that compliment an overall mosaic, sometimes it's a matter of aesthetics and the tone that we'd like to present. Personally, I appreciate much of the work that comes out way, even when it doesn't necessarily fit. Art does indeed have many forms, but one publication can't do it all. I'll also confess that I don't enjoy turning things down (I'm a writer too and am on the other end of the process, too), but it's part of the job.

Thanks again for your support and your positive attitude.
Victor David

By Jason on Jan 31, 2015 22:19 (UTC)

getting rejected.... part of what u need to live with... keep trying. peace...

By Won on Mar 27, 2016 01:36 (UTC)

Think to get rejected normal but painful. Step is to try again not worry about what the say. But many forget basic applause not too hard.