Subprimal Poetry Art/Music on New Pages

by Victor David Sandiego | Created: Dec 28, 2015

I put my web investigator hat on yesterday, something I do once in a while to see how and where Subprimal Poetry Art/Music is being mentioned. It’s fun to see if the word of our efforts is spreading.

During my travels, I can across a post by Denise Hill over at New Pages where she talks about the work we’re doing combining music and poetry. She wrote this back in October, but I just found out about it.

Denise writes that after listening to various pieces, she “found each indeed unique and effectively symbiotic.” After reading her post, I’m like to reply with: thank you very much Denise. I appreciate the write-up and am glad you enjoyed the works.

I too enjoy putting these together. Sometimes, the pieces come together quickly, sometimes more slowly, but it’s always a great deal of fun. And as I’ve mentioned before, we start with the author’s reading and from their cadence, tone, and rhythm, look for musical ways to introduce another – and complementary – dimension.