Buck, The Man

by Erin York

Pretend to be without your grey, three-piece suit and become
raw and rough with no words to speak, with only
images racing as fast as your legs, a reminder that you are
mortal and decaying. Now, you are your
original, made stronger, but wild because you became
raw and rough. Glittering bold, with eyes of stone, you are now
dominant. Was this why you began believing
in immortality? I tell you, it is a futile dream. Instead you will
age and die, leaving behind your seed and your
legacy, but forgetting your primordial beast.

Musical composition by Victor David Sandiego

Erin York attended school at the University of Missouri-Kansas City where she graduated with a B.A. in Creative Writing and a minor in Manuscript, Print Culture, and Editing.

Her writing has received both numerous publications and awards that include national acclaim. Aside from writing, Erin has worked for several literary magazines.

Find her on Facebook (ErinYorkAuthor), Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn under the username: EYWriterEditor.


Lenny, Mar 14, 2014