by Jesse Minkert

The pattern of stones
within the scatter of gravel
flecks of one color
more precise than another
rattle in the current
settle where the sweep decelerates
eddies close to fallen trunks
spills along a sand embankment
reads as if written by a hand
in words not spoken yet by anyone
and rain replies in more voices
than a pair of ears can translate.

Musical composition by Victor David Sandiego

Jesse Minkert lives in Seattle. Wood Works Press published a letterpress collection of his microstories, Shortness of Breath & Other Symptoms, in 2008. His poetry and prose appear in Mount Hope, Paper Nautilus, Eclectica, FADE, Naugatuck River Review, Floating Bridge Review, Harpur Palate, Aunt Chloe, Raven Chronicles, DMQ Review, and others.


nice flow, the colors so much like the rocks of the desert that look as if each has been handpainted.
Thank you.