Blissful Deletion

by Willow Margarita Schafer

Regarding her work, the artist says:

I’ve always loved art that makes a person think. I try to create art that has multiple meanings, or a meaning that can be interpreted in various ways by different people, because I think artistic expression is a strong reflection of the mind. It has many different facets, unspoken thoughts, and a certain façade that presents itself to the public world. For this piece in particular, I wanted to try and visually depict what nothingness feels like on a human level: a sort of calm fragmentation that is very hard to shake.

Willow Schafer grew up in Ashtabula, Ohio, until she moved to Florida with her family where she ended up discovering her love of art after taking a local art class. Since then, she’s been pursuing many goals, such as publication of her artworks and novels, and a PhD in biological anthropology. Ever since she took a trip around the United States with her family and lived in Spain for three months, she found herself inspired with a wave of new ideas that mainly focus on the surreal, the emotional, and the symbolic.


By Emily Calvo on Apr 07, 2018 13:23 (UTC)

What a powerful image!

By Michael Flanagan on Apr 10, 2018 23:02 (UTC)

Hard felt... sad and beautiful.