The Lesson of the Orange

by N. Muma Alain

Overwhelmed by society’s demands,
I ask Grandma:
“Mangie Rose…how do I know that I’m doing the right thing?”
And with a loving smile
She answers gently:
“What is it like to be the orange?
You are sweet, and you are sour
You are loved for one of those, you are hated for the other
The lemon may claim to be your better,
And so may the tangerine and the other citrus fruits
But you have a name almost nothing can rhyme with.”

N. Muma Alain is a Cameroonian author/poet. Being one who loves to experiment with set/trending standards, he sees everything as a source of inspiration and tries for his work to be as universal and uncomplicated as possible, while still remaining relatable. His work mostly explores life and its different facets and has appeared in the Kalahari Review and Subprimal Poetry Art. He is currently working on his first collection of poetry titled Grey Mornings, Black Noons And White Nights.


I love this poem. The last line made me burst out with laughter!
Rachel Teferet, Apr 10, 2018
I enjoy the simple directness of this piece. My only regret is that you weren't able to make a recording this time around; you have a great reading voice. For those who haven't heard Reverie, please check the link above.
Victor Sandiego, Apr 07, 2018