by Mark Danowsky

It occurs to me I’m uncomfortable / not because I do not accept another person’s right to identify as they wish // No, I am irritated that someone else’s right to identify as they wish means I must take a breath / consider my pronoun use / which should not be a big deal should it? / except it must be a big deal because I am irritated feeling the need to conform to someone else’s whims / someone who is not like me / someone who I imagine has a much harder life than I do getting through days / yet here I am / here I am complaining I am put in a position of having to think // Wait, it’s as simple as that / isn’t it? / I’m upset because I am being forced to unlearn

Musical composition by Victor David Sandiego

Mark Danowsky is a writer from Philadelphia. His poems have appeared in About Place, Gargoyle, The Healing Muse, Right Hand Pointing, Shot Glass Journal, Subprimal, Third Wednesday, and elsewhere. He is Managing Editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal.


That last line really got me. What a pleasure it is to unlearn after we overcome our resistance to the process. Thank you for sharing this poem!
Rachel Teferet, Apr 10, 2018
Perhaps one of the most difficult of human experiences is the unlearning, the ability to see the world without the lenses of eductaion and upbringing. Thank you Mark.
Victor Sandiego, Apr 07, 2018