From The Editor

by Victor David Sandiego

Good morning, afternoon, or evening and welcome to the Winter 2018 issue of Subprimal Poetry Art/Music. Once again, we are pleased to present various works from around the world, some with an accompanying audio recording. I hope you enjoy what we've assembled this time around.

As you may know, we frequently select a title for an issue from one of the included pieces. Although this didn’t occur to me – consciously at least – while I was making decisions on which pieces to publish, it came to me with a clap of certainty during production: An Earnest Exodus, inspired by and taken from the title of Kym Cunningham’s work An Earnest Exodus: Directions To One Final Humiliation.

The reason an exodus seems apt to me is because this is the final issue of Subprimal Poetry Art/Music, at least for a while. I have decided to take a hiatus from publishing Subprimal for 2019, and – with truth to be told – perhaps forever. It’s been a lot of fun during the last five years connecting with so many wonderful authors and artists, but I want to spend more time concentrating on my own work.

Also, my interests have moved more into fiction and short fiction as you may have seen in the last couple of issues, and I plan to take some time to see if I’d like to start a different publication dedicated to flash. Please note that the Subprimal website and all its archives will remain open indefinitely.

Of course, none of the Subprimal Poetry Art/Music project would have been possible without the support of our readers, authors, and artists. Your willingness to sustain the cause by checking out the works, or entrusting us with your own work, has given me a great deal of pleasure. Many thanks.

As you may know, my favorite part of this project is the opportunity to hear authors read their work aloud and create a musical composition to accompany them. We have around 120 musical compositions, most of them by me, some by others, spread across our various issues. A lovely body of work to go with the art work and with the other written pieces. Between everything and everybody, I’ve had a chance to be exposed to work that I might not have had a chance to otherwise, and this has been for me a source of inspiration and delight.

Many thanks to all again and we’ll see what the future brings. Meanwhile, keep the creative candles burning, and I’m sure I’ll run across many of you in other places: other sites, other magazines, maybe even an encounter in a venue (that would be fun!) as we travel from here to there and back again to spread the word.

Victor David Sandiego

Victor David Sandiego lives in the high desert of central México where he writes, studies, and plays drums with jazz combos and in musical / poetry collaborations. His work appears in various journals (Cerise Press, Crab Creek Review, Floating Bridge Review, Off The Coast, Generations Literary Journal, Poetry Salzburg Review, others) and has been featured on public radio. He is the founder and current editor of Subprimal Poetry Art/Music.


Thank you for the many years of awesome poetry :)
Rachel Teferet, May 18, 2020
Thank you Patrick. I'm glad we had an opportunity to connect and have your work here with us.

All the best to you and with your next adventure.
Victor D. Sandiego, Jan 29, 2019
Sorry to see you closing shop, Victor, but I understand; my co-editor and I have just brought out our final issue of Ambush Review, and are looking for our next adventure. Thanks for the pleasure Subprimal has given us, and thank you for your kind remark about my own piece.

Many good wishes,
Patrick Cahill, Jan 22, 2019
Thanks Victor for your support to my poetry.

Prof R K Singh, India
Ram Krishna Singh, Dec 18, 2018
Thanks you Sarah for the kind words. I forgot to mention that I also had the opportunity to read and record the work of others, including yourself. I didn't do it too many times, but it was sure a lot of fun and I appreciate that you (and the other authors) let me do that.
Victor D. Sandiego, Dec 17, 2018
Many Thanks, Victor, for all your efforts and your creative spirit - so vibrant! I am deeply honored to have been part of Subprimal Poetry and to have your original compositions and movies accompany my work.
Sarah R, Dec 17, 2018