The Mad Rush

by Ronald Walker

Regarding his work, the artist says:

The Mad Rush...I work in a style I call "Suburban Primitive", this style combines my interest in the origins and functions of art along with life in the suburbs. It incorporates personal experiences both from a physical and psychological perspective. The Mad Rush was inspired by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It seems as if everyone, myself included, are always rushing about. I find myself wondering why? If we finish first do we get a prize, perhaps a piece of cheese? In any case I will end this now since I must rush off, I have a million things to do!

Ronald Walker's work has been shown in more than 40 solo exhibitions as well as over two hundred group shows. He holds both a MA and a MFA degree in painting from the University of Kansas. Mr. Walker is represented by the Mahlstedt Gallery of New Rochelle, New York. He lives in the Sacramento area with his wife and two children, where he teaches art and paints for a living.


Thank you Ronald for sharing your art work. You bring a vibrancy to the canvas that I enjoy a lot. Keep up the good work.
Victor D. Sandiego, Dec 14, 2018