What Wind

by Lauren Suchenski

What wind fails
to admire
the courage of

What blasphemy is
budding on this
fire curled, rain-washed and pearlescent
The scent of hungered Marches
sinking into branch-flesh

Who is the rain, who is the rain

What spindled limbs chatter
below my feet/ fungal-networked
and social climbing
root dominions —
coerced, coerced;
connected — don’t you see? The roots are all

The branches are all thirst and desiring/

The trunk —

Lauren Suchenski has a difficult relationship with punctuation and currently lives in Yardley, PA. She has been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize as well as twice for The Best of the Net and her chapbook “Full of Ears and Eyes Am I” is available from Finishing Line Press.


Thank you Lauren. A beautiful piece, musical and melodic.
Victor D. Sandiego, Dec 16, 2018 victordavid.com