Why Write? Why Read?

by David Pinto

Regarding his work, the artist says:

The writing is improvised. Would be nice to be completely inspired by the music, and sometimes it is entirely, but more often I have a kernel of a thought which I would like to explore and the music influences.

Originally, the idea was to invite others to write together on the same page, hence text-tango. However it ended up mostly my own writing and I found it a useful format to explore ideas solo, with awareness that someone else was reading. The tango is between reader and writer. I eventually settled on the usual start: here you are reading this now...

Other examples of David's work

David Pinto was a math teacher for a decade, focusing on self-organizing systems in classes. He achieved amazing results, but the system didn't change. David believes that if you can improve the quality of listening in a class, quality of learning improves, and results follow.


By Victor D. Sandiego on Dec 15, 2018 17:37 (UTC)

I find the freshness and spontaneity of David’s works appealing. This vid is one example, but I encourage everyone to take a look at his other videos and see him in action. Thanks much, David.