On Emerging From A Coma, Certain That Mouth-To-Mouth Resuscitation Has Been Administered By Pablo Picasso

by Rhonda C. Poynter

The taste of matchboxes and
Crumpled cigarette
Packets brought me back:

He blew color into my
Lungs, as I pulled blue
Bullfights from his tongue.

His breath brought me back from
Guernica, back from black and
White and gray:

He tasted like music and
Crushed wineglasses.
He tasted like
Christ, and twisted wire.

Audio reading by Victor D. Sandiego This piece first appeared in Red Fez

Music / video composition by Victor D. Sandiego
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By Paul Smith on Nov 17, 2015 08:37 (UTC)

Ah, yes! Art can bring us back to life! Loved it.

By Rhonda C. Poynter on Nov 17, 2015 11:36 (UTC)

Thank You, Paul! =)

By Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D. on Nov 17, 2015 12:36 (UTC)

Yes! Very nice poem! Extremely creative, and well said as one who is on the "verge of death" somewhere "deep in the heart" of Mexico or Spain is now very thankfully receiving "the saving breath of life" from an individual that one would not ordinarily associate with or even perhaps recognize as a human being........ at least that is how I have interpreted your poem.

You may write me at:

Doug Soderstrom

By Victor D. Sandiego on Nov 19, 2015 07:03 (UTC)

This piece fits itself together in many amazing ways. I love the use of language such as: as I pulled blue / Bullfights from his tongue; he tasted like music and / crushed wineglasses. The reference to being pulled back from Guernica is powerful. Kudos Rhonda!

By Rhonda C. Poynter on Nov 20, 2015 15:02 (UTC)

Thank You both, Doug and Victor...and I definitely will connect with you, Doug; my son just got out of the hospital and I will try to get caught up on everything over the weekend. Didn't Victor do a wonderful job of performing the poem? I am humbled, and grateful...Thank You again, Victor, and sending get well wishes your way, Doug. =)

By James Tyler on Dec 03, 2015 00:28 (UTC)

Excellent and thought provoking.

By Rhonda C. Poynter on Dec 09, 2015 00:36 (UTC)

Thank You, James!

By Joseph on Apr 21, 2016 21:05 (UTC)

Thank you everyone in the production of this piece. Nicely done.

By Doug Soderstrom on Apr 24, 2021 05:30 (UTC)


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By Doug Soderstrom on Apr 24, 2021 05:33 (UTC)

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