My Lord What a Morning, When the Stars Begin to Fall

by Cynthia Low

Regarding her work, the artist says:

This painting is about My Painful Struggle with Depression. It is about that Bliss that is felt at the end of each Consuming, Drowning Dance with Sadness, that Silver Lining, so sweet and so pure. The unfinished edge on right side indicates stress at being confined in a social box. The title comes from words of a Afro spiritual song I learned as a small child that brought me Great Joy.
My Brain Hot, my Skull Drops
Light and Crisp Like Popcorn
Falling Carelessly
Like a Rainbow Drawn Hard and Fierce,
By a Child With Threatening Crayons
The Fallout
The Savage Blue Sky is Haughty
The Sun Arrives, but not Really
Explosions in the Light Hot Darkness
Are Consumed by Mouth

Cynthia Low grows massive flower and vegetable gardens. She sews impossibly beautiful dresses. She also loves literature, poetry, and music, and is a novice guitar geek who studies and collects vintage guitars. She loves animals, She plays the Concertina, and She is So thankful for her four children and four grandchildren.

Cynthia has recent paintings for sale; they may be seen on her web site.


wow, I just came across this is my browsings very beautiful image you have going to look for more
Michael W., Jul 05, 2016
You are a generator of rainbows -- I need to direct painter friends to view your gallery -- Your love of color is amazing.
Jim Eilers, Jun 09, 2016
Cynthia, thanks for the lovely painting to include here. I love the expression on her face and the way she's holding her arms, plus all of the things that are falling around her. Looks like she has some storm clouds and the sun, like many times in life.
Victor D. Sandiego, May 23, 2016