by Ingi House

A church next to a hotel
tells the story of my city
of my country
of myself
though I have long ago lost
belief in the steeple.

I can’t help but think
of the loneliness
that would make gods
themselves cry down
a sanctuary
of their love.

Musical composition by Victor D. Sandiego

Ingi House is an archivist and has written on several archival topics. She has published poetry in RMB Journal, Dual Coast and NOUS. Originally from the Midwest, she is trying out both coasts to see which one is best. She loves words and hope they love her back. Contact her on Twitter @IngiHouse.

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By Qutbuddin Loren Ruh Smith on May 27, 2017 23:36 (UTC)

36th Spirit: The Greek word kairos means:

The moment that can open and

keep opening into Eternity.

Eternity is Love’s Destination

Eternity has

opened to me...but there was

no reliable

manual to maintain or

to expand that opening

in time or in form.

Therefore time must form

within itself its

own hubris release...

ceasing its illusional games...

Letting humans go

on us only

volitionary freedom

keeps Planet Earth on

edge cycle after cycle.

We are destroying Mother!

She wants our Love released...

Eternity is Love freed

not limited by our time...

Unconditional Love is

unconditional freedom...

This is my comment.... QLRS