by Kimberly Robison

Regarding her work, the artist says:

While exploring the world around me juxtapositions unveil in the mundane. I took this photograph while walking through the beautiful streets of Montevideo, Uruguay. I was struck by Santa's glare and the dogs stare, as the surf stickers and rack showed burned up memories. The dog didn't bark, but murmured wanting a way to the beach.

Kimberly A Robison, also known as KAR~, is a multidiscipline artist and poet. She has painted murals in five countries, had solo art shows in NYC, group shows in NYC, international shows featuring her sketches, paintings, murals, and millinery wearable art. She is a restoration gardener and permaculture farmer who paints with plants. She spent the last 9 years in New York City.


pronounced: Carline

definition: Free Man

standing for: Kultural Awakening Rite

the line: connects generations and cultures

the ~ : transcends gender, nationality, religion and ability

initials for: Kimberly Ann Robison


I love you Kimberly
David Robison, Jan 21, 2021