Up To Me

by Roger Leege

Regarding his work, the artist says:

I look for artistic raw material in the natural, cultural, and built environments, focusing particularly on details that suggest meaning beyond the literal, the familiar, the snapshot. Like many other visual artists, my ambition in making art is to make the invisible visible, to use the medium and its syntax to magnify and intensify perception. In the best images, I see a successful mixture of "speech" (the formal elements of craft) and "story" (the revelation of creative meaning, felt life).

Roger Leege started out as a painter, printmaker, and analog photographer and earned BA and MA degrees in Visual Arts from Goddard College. Following post-grad study in computer science, Roger became an early adopter and evangelist for digital art and artists' tools. Working mainly in montage with generous helpings of wacom paint, he draws on his past as a lawn boy, meat cutter, storyteller, trucker, EMT, embalmer’s assistant, trim carpenter, bass player, house painter, journalist, dissident, videographer, educator, computer scientist, and somewhat atypical Florida man. The literary arts strongly inform his visual art practice; his art owes as much to Pynchon, Borges, and Barthelme as it does to Arbus, Cartier-Bresson, and Uelsmann.