Issue 12 – To Burn All The Wrong Thoughts From Your Eyes

Subprimal Poetry Art/Music - Issue 12 - July 2018
Cover art by Victor D. Sandiego
Issue title by Jason Abbate
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Table of Contents


by Will Cordeiro

More About You

by Jason Abbate

Rosalind By the Sea

by T. Ogbemi

Bar After Bar

by Anjie Seewer Reynolds

Early Darkness

by Meg Smith

Googling for Natives (#4)

by Janne Karlsson

After The Movie

by Brad Rose

Science Says We Can Live Forever

by Ayame Whitfield

From My Window, a Train

by Cyn Kitchen

Song Of The Sand

by Hallie Hayes

Mémoire d'arbre / Tree Memory

by Marilyne Bertoncini

The Cup I Wish to Drink From

by Julia Kantic

Lonely Sunsets

by Isha Gupta