Issue 1 – Visions

Issue 1.0 – Visions

Subprimal Poetry Art/Music - Issue 1 - August 2013

Subprimal Poetry Art/Music - Issue 1 - August 2013
Cover art by Tom Scherschel
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Table of Contents

The Hands of a Dead Rebel

by Carine Topal

Buck, The Man

by Erin York

El Abismo

by Benjamín Valdivia

Singers in the Canyons

by Emily Strauss

Explaining Death to a Child

by William Reichard


by Jesse Minkert

An Infant

by Allison Grayhurst

Desert Willow

by Laura Madeline Wiseman


by Farzana Marie

Forewarned / Prevenido

by Diana Anhalt


by Raúl Sánchez

Lines Written in an Abandoned Cathedral Near the Sea

by Louis Bourgeois

Under Water Excerpt (Macchu Picchu)

by Stephen Mead

Untitled #1

by Tom Scherschel

Untitled #2

by Tom Scherschel


by Jennifer A. Powers