Issue 13 – An Earnest Exodus

Issue 13.0 – An Earnest Exodus

Subprimal Poetry Art/Music - Issue 13 - December 2018

Subprimal Poetry Art/Music - Issue 13 - December 2018
Cover art by Ronald Walker
Issue title by Kym Cunningham
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Table of Contents

From The Editor

by Victor David Sandiego

Song For Claude Neal

by Judith Roney

The Ritual

by Denny E. Marshall

Why Write? Why Read?

by David Pinto

An Earnest Exodus: Directions To One Final Humiliation

by Kym Cunningham


by Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal


by Peter Cashorali

The Mad Rush

by Ronald Walker

Bus Stop

by Ion Corcos

What Wind

by Lauren Suchenski


by Erik Knudsen

Another Poem About Fear

by Adrian S. Potter

Starving For Peace

by Willow Margarita Schafer

Into Morning

by Sandy Coomer

Independence Day

by Sandra Kolankiewicz

Powinności / Obligations

by Lidia Kosk

Certain Days

by Juleigh Howard-Hobson