Issue 6 – Open To Sky

Issue 6.0 – Open To Sky

Subprimal Poetry Art/Music - Issue 6 - May 2016

Subprimal Poetry Art/Music - Issue 6 - May 2016
Cover art by Cynthia Low
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Table of Contents


by Victor David Sandiego

From The Editor

by John C. Mannone

Looking Up From The News

by Maggie Kennedy


by Toti O'Brien

Seven Deadly Sins

by Lois Marie Harrod

Disappearing River

by George Moore

My Lord What a Morning, When the Stars Begin to Fall

by Cynthia Low

Midsummer XX

by Glen Armstrong

The First Time

by Carl Boon


by Ralph Monday

House of Straw

by Roberta Feins

The Pearly Chaos

by William Doreski


by Allen E. Rizzi


by Robert Zurer

Día de Los Muertos

by Denmark Laine

Slow Dance

by Camille Smith

The Resort on Kah-Nee-Ta Indian Reservation

by Yvonne Higgins Leach

Snow In The Lost

by Martin Willitts Jr.

My Name Was Once An Argument

by Sharon Alexander

Even Silent Ruins Speak

by James McColley Eilers

These Are The People

by George Bandy

Why Did I Do It?

by Terry Martin

The Wood In Camera

by Perry McDaid

Book of Burns

by William Burns